Are you interested in launching your business idea in the LATAM market?

At Agencia de Mercado Online we can help you size up the opportunity before investing or launching a new idea, if you have already launched it we can tell you why it is or isn't working, all this with a proven and 100% online method.

""Life is too short to build products or services that nobody wants......"

Ash Maurya

Did you know that online market research can help you reduce the failure of a business idea or expansion by up to 90%?

Have you asked yourself if...?

  • Is the product or service you came up with really needed by the consumer?
  • Is your business idea really viable and would people want to pay for it?
  • Is your business idea feasible in the LATAM market?
  • Is there a large market for your business idea that will allow you to scale?
  • Is the problem I detected the real problem of my market segment?
  • Do I have possibilities of competing with what I offer or want to offer in my market?
  • Is my product or service in demand in the country where I want to expand?
  • Are people as clear about the business idea as I am?
  • Is the country you want to expand to the right one?

The above are questions we have helped our clients to clarify with online market research.

When a new business idea is born, many:

They search the Internet for launching options or courses.

How to launch a new product or service to the market by training with courses or free content such as reading Lean Startup books.

They ask family and friends if they see a future for their idea.

They ask family and friends if they would buy their product or service and get excited when they are told that their idea is unique and wonderful and invest their money and time in this idea only to find out later that their idea was "not so good"..

They turn to traditional market research that is not online.

They look for traditional market research, which is not conducted online, and pay large sums to obtain the results of "surveys" that tend to give them information of little value.

Copy existing solutions.

They copy their competition imagining that they ARE being successful, which makes them spend large sums of money for not investigating whether or not there was a market opportunity.

The world has never been so connected, there is so much information online to find out which business idea to launch, which country to expand to or why your current idea is not working.

How can we help you reduce the risk of expanding globally or continuing to invest money/time in a business that has no future?

We are creators of a market research methodology that allows us to offer you valuable results with real data so that you can make decisions with your business idea or help you discover new problems in the market segment you wish to attack, in less than 6 weeks so that you can launch a new product or service or improve your own, achieving sales at the moment of launching.

Did you come up with a business idea and want to know if it has a future?

Service: Uncertainty Elimination (UE)

Invest now in digital market research so you don't lose money in the future selling a product or service that nobody wants.

With the results you get from the research; you invest in understanding what the market is asking for, thus minimizing the risks in ideas with no future.

You launched a business idea and it is not working as expected?

Service: Idea Validation (IV)

Find out if your market idea really has a future opportunity in less than 6 weeks at a cost of less than 10% of what it would cost you to launch your idea to the market without method and without real information.

Do you have the capital and time to create a new idea but don't know where to start?

Service: Problem Discovery Service (PDS)

We help you to discover new opportunities with a market segment in which you have experience or interest, through our PDS service so that in less than 6 weeks you will obtain viable problems and ideas in that segment.

Do you want to expand a business idea that is already working in LATAM?

Servicio: Market Fit Validation

A successful business in your country will not necessarily be successful in the same way in another continent, in Agencia de Mercado we are specialists in helping you if the market opportunity is real or NOT in the LATAM market, we understand the culture and we can help you decide through listening to the market if your investment is likely to succeed or fail.

Success stories applying our method

We had 1 year of investment in time and money trying to create a digital app which lacked USD $175,000 and 6 months of development to be functional, applying this method allowed us to launch in 3 months with 8% of the features we thought to build having a saving of over USD $150,000.


Digital Security APP in Mexico

IN 2017 we started helping a company located in Peru which had been investing money and time for 2 years getting 0 results in their marketing campaigns and product or service sales, after 3 months of work we managed to find the real problem that their market segment was needing to solve starting to get their first customer in the 4th month and closing with a revenue of $1.7 Million Dollars in 2018.


Company in Peru specializing in travel arrangements

We contacted Agencia de Mercado Online by MHS looking for a market study and they showed us an unknown world: the world of digital marketing. The work done by Agencia de Mercado Online by MHS impressed us from the first day. WE HIGHLIGHT: The precise and scrupulous compliance with the schedule presented on the first day. The close and didactic treatment that made it easier for us to understand and get by in an environment that was unfamiliar to us, and I think to most of us, unknown. The presentation of the results left us speechless, it was incredible that we could have so much information so well structured. The final report allows our MIST project to size the market segment, it has helped us to define the product and the project, to design a Minimum Variable Product and we also consider it a fundamental starting point to define the future digital marketing strategy.


MIST Spain


Who are we?

Agencia de Mercado Online was born to see the growing need of many of our clients and allies worldwide; wanting to create new products and services that adapt to a time of crisis like the one we live in today, where their lines of business became obsolete or were dismissed from their jobs and want to undertake capitalizing their business, we are backed by the consulting firm MH Services with over 20 years’ experience.

+6 Countries

We have carried out projects in countries such as Peru, USA, UK, Spain, Mexico and Panama.

+40 International projects from 2019 to date

We have validated more than 40 projects for our clients globally over the last 3 years.

+$2M USD

This has been the savings we have been able to obtain from our clients in their investments.

Our team is made up of 2 of the 3 certified consultants in the Spanish-speaking world in the Leanstack methodology created by Ash Maurya and used by large companies and institutions such as: Harvard University, Stanford University, P&G, Cisco, Propel, Aribnb, etc.

We are certified in Silicon Valley Innovation Games methodology recently purchased by SAFe, the most renowned company in agility used by the Top Fortune 100 in the world: Boeing, NASDAQ, Qualcomm, Siemens, etc.

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